Top 10 Reasons People Choose Tel Aviv Apartment Agents


1.  We charge 20% LESS THAN 1 MONTH'S RENT for our services - making Tel Aviv Apartment Agents the first and only of its kind in Israel.

2.  We GUARANTEE to have NO pre-existing relationship with the Landlord.

3.  We GUARANTEE to do the searching, set up the appointments, handle the negotiations, translate the documents, take care of the initial rent and security deposit payments and receipts, and deliver your final signed lease. 
RELAX - let us work for you because Israel awaits and this is OUR JOB.

4.  We GUARANTEE a 100% professionally cleaned apartment or house prior to move in.  Our Clients will receive their apartment as close to new as possible.  

5.  We GUARANTEE to NOT charge our Clients to find an alternative apartment or home within three months of signing their lease.

6.  We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Clients have private access to our emails and cell phones and we are always available to help.  Click here to Contact Us Now and let us show you Israel the right way.

7.  Our Agent Brokers are professionally licensed and take client service personally. 

8.  We know the BEST CONTACTS in ISRAEL for ALL of your real estate needs. Tell us about your dream house or apartment in Tel Aviv and we will find it!  Tell us what furnishings you need and we will help you get it.  We are here for our Clients and we love what we do.

9.  We help Our Clients find a Guarantor if required by the Landlord.

10.  We are changing the face of real estate in Israel .  We love serving our Clients and are excited to help all renters, buyers, and sellers in Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas.  We believe in long-lasting relationships (and friendships) and our services continue long after we find your dream Tel Aviv apartment or home.